Modern Combat 5 is there


  Modern Combat 5 is shedulled to 24-7-14 and was released on 23-7-14 and is available for Android, iOS and soon after for Windows phones aswell. The Modern Combat franchise is one of the best games that Gameloft ever produced along the Asphalt racing series and Gangstar 3rd person shooter with an open world like in Grand Theft Auto. MC5 how ever has to be purchased and doesn’t contain ...

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Unlock your Motorola via a Digital Tattoo


You can now unlock your Motorola with a digital tattoo. Just place the back cover over the tattoo and voila, your Moto is unlocked. Basically I say this works via a NFC chip/ tag and you can stick the nickle sized tattoo on your arm, forhead or where ever.     The Tattoo will last around 5 days according to the source (linked bellow) and will be water resistant, ...

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As I reported before Gameloft was celebrating Modern Combat 5′s release and where giving away 5 free prereleased copies to 5 lucky winners before the official release date on 24-7-2014. Sadly so is that one of these winners uploaded a copy to torrent websites, seemingly the iOS version, and that means that already over 3000 download occured of that version with over 1000 online MC5 players since the weekend. ...

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WarHammer 40000 Carnage 1st Founder Blood Edition


  WarHammer has been popular ever since it was and is a Roll Playing board game amongst many. I never personally had time in life to play RPG dice games but jump and run games. Both combined give this excelent solution for any one and it’s “bloody” fun! Just don’t forget to upgrade your main charachter as sson as you can as it helps you beating some level bosses ...

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2048 Heroes 3D, very addictive puzzle game


    2048 Heroes is one addictive puzzle game and along merging the heads, the further you’re trying to get the harder the game gets. The gameplay is simple as such, just swipe up – down – left or right and merge two of the same heads together in order to form the next upgraded one. Tap the “i” button for INFO and see which head(s) comes next. For ...

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Sky Force 2014


Sky Force 2014 is one heck of an awsome arcade styled shooter mixed with amazing 3D graphics in HD quality with a retro style inorder to keep the game classic. Game play is real easy, just use the touchscreen of your smartphone to control the plane by swiping it into the wanted direction, shooting occourse automatically. Release your finger from your plane and you can have additional shield and ...

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Nvidea Shield Tablet is coming soon


The Nvidea Shield it self became kinda’ popular, downer was that it is one compact device and you can’t really do much besides gaming Android OS games. I rather stood to my smartphone and tablet combined with one of the many bluetooth controllers I reviewed before or paired the device with my PS3 controller as you’ve seen in my video tutorials on the how tos. Now Nvidea will bring ...

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Modern Combat 5 finally to hit the market soon


The world famous FPS (First Person Shooter) franchise Modern Combat 5 from Gameloft is about to be released on the 23-7-2014 in the Play Store (Android) along with the iOS version on iTunes and will become the next big hit running on mobile platforms. My fingers are already itching for it as I love Gamelofts Modern Combat series and MC4 has topped already all their predecessors! To celebrate their ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S is overheating


Now the newest Tab from Samsung may offer great looks and the hole punshed backcover design indeed looks much better on the Tab S than it does on the Galaxy S5. But what is it good for when the new Tablet overheats and deforms the backcover?! The Tab S does offer a very stuning visual experience thanks to the Super AMOLED display but Tab S owner Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru posted his ...

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Dead Trigger 2 huge update


  A NEW TOURNAMENT UPDATE FOR DEAD TRIGGER 2 HAS ARRIVED, SPREADING JOY TO THE SOULS OF GAMERS WITH THE NEW PURGATORY ARENA     On July 16th Madfinger Games updated Dead Trigger 2 with a huge awsome update that you need to check out. why you ask?! Because you can now win hype prizes, gold and cash in unique tournaments with custom rules and a new arena called ...

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