The Father of all Video Games deceased


He invented the first gaming console on this planet and even till his elder age he stood in deep contact exchanging information with gaming companies and manufacturers. Ralph H. Baer, an inventor from Germany, died in the age of 92 in December 2014. May he rest in peace and thanks for inventing the first step that brought, brings and will bring the joy of console gaming to us! (Picture ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Premium Edition


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Premium Edition may not be available in every country on this planet, but yet indeed Samsung packed up some nice extras!!!     The Note Edge Premium Edition includes some extras like a 64 GB micro SD card, even so the Edge like the Note 4 can handle up to 128 GB SD cards, an official Samsung Edge flip cover/case, a micro fiber cleaning ...

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Another silly fake bloggers post of the Samsung Galaxy S6


If you’ve been following me for quite a while you know how much I hate those post by others whom post anything to just gain view and popularity and yet this crap about a possible Samsung Galaxy S6 has come to my attention. This is defnetly a fake. You should know by now that Samsung manages to keep their flagships in secret till the actual presentation day. Everything else ...

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Android 5.0 Lollipop CM12 ROM for the Galaxy Note 3

NOte 3 lollipop Thumbnail

Want the Android 5.0 Lollipop update running on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and don’t want to wait till oblivian till Samsung pulles out the official TouchWiz version of the 5.0 update. Than I got something great for your right here. It;s the latest CM12 ROM beta by XDA user Temasek. The ROM functions on folowing Note 3 devices:  T-Mobile Note 3 SM-N900T, SM-N9005, Canadian SM-N900W8, and Sprint SM-N900P. ...

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Best LWP for the Xmas season


A very nice animated live wallpaper that you want to run on your android smartphone and tablet during this winter and xmas season. Ruslan, the developer of this fantastic live wallpaper included various camera view options so we can experience diffrent angles of the Christmas 3D Live Wallpaper when ever we want to. Very well animated HD like graphics in 3D gives us a warmth experience each time we ...

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Exclusive Montblanc features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Montblanc is well know for their luxuary products and yes they are pricery for the avarage people since a case costs around EUR 200 / $ 250 USD. Samsung and Montblanc have teamed up and released exclusive products for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from special S Pens (e-StarWalker) to flip covers and these flip covers bring exlusive features that normally can only be set free when you purchase ...

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Android L on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

note 3 androidL

On SamMobile we can experience them fellas getting a beta version of Android L for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as we just seen by them a version for the Galaxy S4. Even so they can’t release that internal build for others, the Android L build looks mighty fine with the TouchWiz UI overlay and the Samsung bluish style with the minimal circle icons and all. Only ugly thing ...

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The NOTE 4 rules over other flagships in color accurancy


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has an amazing display and guess what, DisplayMate took their time for us all and compared it with other current hardcore flagship devices on the wide ranged market. The results are as expected and the Note 4 rules over them all in color accurancy. DisplayMate rivaled the Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPhone 6 Plus, the Surface Pro 3, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, iPad Air ...

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1 ps4

The Playstation 4 aka PS4 was released in November 2013. First the black version now we have the Glacier White PS4 since October 2014. Now the popular console is 1 year old in general and Playstation brought us many fun since the PSX…the very first Playstation ever where some might even remember of chip tuning it inorder to play Japanese NTSC and PAL games that weren’t available to other ...

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