Samsung Note Edge explained via infographic

Note Edge Main Image

Even so the Samsung Note Edge will be limited to only some countries, it’s still intresting to see what this futuristic device can bring. To some it may be a Galaxy Note 4 with a curved Edge and the edged screen can be used to quickly launch apps, view notifications without moving away from the content on the main 5.7-inch Quad HD display, and even for doodling with the ...

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Playstation 4 DriveClub Bundle


Sony has announced two new PS4 bundles for DriveClub in Europe. The glacier white PS4* comes with the game and one glacier white DualShock 4 controller. It will hit a retail price of €439.99. There’s also the Player Edition bundle** which will cost additional €60 more due to the extra goodies in the package.   For €499.99, the bundle comes with DriveClub, a standard black PS4, 2x DualShock 4 ...

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Galaxy Note 4’s Exclusive Apps Now Available for Any Galaxy Device


Getting a new phone is exciting, but having access to its exclusive apps ahead of its release is what we’re all about here on Gadget Hacks.If you have a Galaxy Note 3, you’ve probably only had it for a year or less, so upgrading to the Note 4 may not be a viable option when it’s released this October—but who needs a Note 4 when you can just run ...

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Space Earth LWP review

Space Earth 3D LWP

Another real cool spacey live wallpaper for your android smartphone and tablet, totaly digg the high quality on this one Along the sweet eye candy graphics this LWP aswell offers some nice customizations like selecting Earth or Mars, adding a space shuttle or station or both with additional flying UFO’s. You can enable/disable the aurorae and clouds around earth, aswell set the speed of the orbiting sun going around ...

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Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 gets a First Person Shooter mode


Grand Theft Auto V is coming for PS4 (Xbox One & PC) in October 2014. And even so I’ve already played it threw twice on the PS3 I’m considering getting it for the PS4 aswell. Besides enhanced graphics and some extras GTA V will feature something totaly new, a FPS mode (First Person Shooter) which isn’t available on the PS3 version. Is it true after many fan made mods ...

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Droping a brand new iPhone 6 LIVE on TV


Ok my, how can he drop a brand new iPhone 6 and all caputured on live television to see this happening by world wide audience. Poor iPhone 6, funny thing is that the kid actually mentioned after picking Apples 2014 flagship up: “Nothing happend, luckely it’s made out of plastic”. Please people, no matter what phone you have, don’t drop it, unless you’re intending to make a drop test ...

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NES30 Bluetooth Controller REVIEW


  I’ve reviewed several bluetooth controllers already, but the NES30 is by far one of the most coolest ones that I’ve ever possesed!   The NES30 from the company 8bitdo is designed to imitate the oldskool looks of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) controller that some of us already had hours of game play fun on in their childhood in the 80’s and 90’s. For those whom remember these ...

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Extra Phone lane in China


Uhhhm, what? Extra (smart)phone lane in China for pedestrians. I’m used to a bike lane in Europe, but that? Are the Chinease typing so much on their smartphone while walking from point A to point B not looking up and paying attention to their surrounding that it is more secure for tax payers to have the goverment spend money for such extra lanes? Wait, does that mean when some ...

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Dreamcast Emulator for Android + How To Install Tutorial


Heres is the long awaited tutorial on how to install the SEGA Dreamcast Emulator so you can get your DC gaming on. The installation is actually super simple, so here we go: First of all install the Dreamcast Emulator called Reicast from the Play Store (klick the button) Then basically follow the steps as seen in our video above. I.a.w. On your smartphone open a folder explorer and head ...

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