New HTC A11 coming?


Is there a new HTC coming as the HTC M8 / HTC One M8 is still all fresh for most users? Well, here are some leaked pictures of what seems to be the HTC A11.   According to @UpLeaks, which leaked information on the device recently, the phone will launch on Sprint in the United States and is a member of HTC’s Desire family of smartphones, which typically aren’t ...

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New Android L build for Nexus devices


As reported before on release date is that some Nexus owners can already enjoy the upcoming Android Operating System called Android L in beta version. On the developer page you’ll be able to find a newer updated version to install that is a hint more stable than the previous release. Feel free to download and check it out here Just to let you know, you might need to full ...

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Xiaomi Mi 3 sold out in only 2 seconds


Now isn’t this great news for a company?! Xiaomi just launched their new smartphones the Mi3 and they ran out of stock in India in only  seconds. 10000 devices in 5 seconds back in July 29th and 15000 devices in only 2 seconds. Isn’t this a dream sale for any tech company no matter on what they’re selling?! Wow! Both Xiaomi and e-retailer Flipkart have confirmed this time on ...

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Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Already reported you about real specs about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 due to the leaked AnTuTu benchmark test from June and now we’ve got some leaked images of what could be the Galaxy Note 4 itself. On the picture we can see it has metal frame and seem to be very flat. On the left hand side of the rear camera we can see what is going to ...

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Real Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs


Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are roaming the web non-stop, but ones to really rely on are rare. Here’s one that is pretty true since Samsung got the Snapdragon 805 chips from Qualcomm for “two digits” per chip. This benchmark test was already released in June for the Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910S and C) using the Snapdragon 805 and Exynoss 5433 processor.   How much Samsung paid ...

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Here are two cool Samsung Galaxy S5 cases from the company Obliq. The white one is the Xtreme Pro and sky blue one is called Skyline Pro. Both cases deliver your S5 an unique stylish look and what I really love about these two cases is that they seem timeless, meaning their look will never get old nor bored. The design of the white Xtreme Pro loks very modern ...

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iPhone 6 retail box pictures leaked


Only a acouple of weeks away from the iPhone 6 presentation and first thing that came in mind was that this looks exactly no different than the 5S. But luckely to all Apple fans you can keep breathing again because it turns out that these pictures are fake besides their lacking quality! Actually they aren’t so fake, as this is the Goophone i6, but let’s talk a little bit ...

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This Samsung Galaxy S5 case by Verus is very elegant already, but did you know that this cases luxurious anodized colored metal frames edges where cut with a real diamond?! The case exists in two parts, one black PVC case to protect your phone and with stands most impacts incase one shall drop it and a metal, real aluminum frame that is available in various colors. In the video ...

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Volcano 3D Live Wallpaper


  Fully 3D Volcano Live Wallpaper will enhance your phone or tablet with amazing colors! Enjoy game themed erupting volcano environment! Find your preferable sky scheme from 10 options. 5 different cameras included to let you explore the scenario. The scenario reminds me of a cartoonish style, wich gives this LWP an intresting touch along it’s amazing looks  

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Tiger 3D Live Wallpaper


Nicely done live wallpaper with 3 Tigers offering several customizations from background to time settings and much much more like: set diffrent backgrounds change between 2 colors of the tiger set weather diffrent day time modes add clock, battery percentage and date in an inovating 3D style diffrent FX and light FX colors and much more   I cover a lot in the video, if you want additional screenshots ...

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