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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Galaxy S6 1st picture and real specs


Specs and rumors about Samsungs upcoming 2015 flagship the Galaxy S6 started early last year, shortly after the S5 hitted retail to be precise. I’m more the kind of person whom doesn’t like those fictional “doing it for the attention” aka “view grabber posts”. And correct faulty and laggy speculated infos with every new post about an unreleased device. I like to serve my audience with real matterial and ...

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Android and PC gaming a new with this controller


The gaming peripheral market has quite some nice controllers to offer. As you may already have seen some really cool ones that I reviewed on my YouTube tech channel. The prices for gaming controllers target towards smartphone gaming, Android and iOS and some even compatible for PC, are leveled in a price cathegory between $80 to $100 USD. Mobile games are becoming the next gen frontier and getting more ...

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We all know that the Sony offers free games every now and then and this year started good for those registered to Playstation Plus. Those whom have can download the PS4 version inFAMOUS First Light for free and I’m talking about the fullversion, not some free anyway demo.   I’ve downloaded it a couple days ago and have my blast with. Sure I would’ve loved and prefered to see ...

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Samsung Galaxy A3 and A7 wallpapers


Samsungs new line up with the A3, A5 and E series is intresting, for those whom didn’t got a chance yet to play around or own one of these devices you can already go ahead and get theire new colorful wallpapers from here Firmware Details (SM-E700F): • Model: SM-E700F • Model name: GALAXY E7 • Country: Turkey • Version: Android 4.4.4 • Changelist: 3703532 • Build date: Fri, 26 ...

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Gamers beware, the SNES30 is here


The SNES30 is one of the newest awsome cration in bluetooth gaming controllers from the company 8bitdo. You’ve seen my NES30 controller review yet? Then klick here!!! Because 8bitdo redesigns retro to modern and makes their controllers more than competible with just smartphones and notebooks. I already own the NES30 and I love it. Short terms ago 8bitdo revealed the FC30 Year of the Sheep/Goat edition which is one ...

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The Gamer Mouse that can measure your heartrate and more


You’ve seen my video of the Mionix gamer headset the Nash 20 and their gaming mouse NAOS 7000, now the swedish company Mionix has presented a new and never seen before mouse style at the CES 2015. The NAOS QG!     The Naos QG is designed like the Naos 7000, but with the additional feature that it can monitor your heart rate. We know this feature from smartwatches ...

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FUGOO rocks XL now


The Fugoo speaker is the best portable bluetooth speaker I ever experienced, no matter what. Forget the Beats Pill and others when it comes to Fugoo. And as if the current models, even the Fugoo Sport that I reviewed before (see video bellow) isn’t KICK ASS already from sound, specs, durability and time lasting to listen to your favorite music, Fugoo has released a XL version. 4X the size ...

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Win 1 Year of FREE subscription for PS NOW


A new theme is available to download on the PS4 with custom music too. Maybe not so special at first, but what if I tell you that you can win 1 Yer of FREE subscription for the PS Now when downloading this animated theme till the end of January 31st 2015! The 17.9 mb big theme actually looks not all that bad. Sadly for some may be that the ...

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Need For Speed No Limits Teaser showing some amazing GFX


Need For Speed seems to finally return with some real mad tuner rides in their franchise and besides that the last couple NFS series had insane graphics, no matter if on PC, console or handheld; I wasn’t to keen on playing the last one on PS3 reaching 100%.   You might haven’t seen to much yet about NFS No Limit, but the cinematic trailer looks mighty nice, hope the ...

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